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FCP BIAT – CEA PNT Tunisair is a mixed capitalization mutual fund, exclusively dedicated to Tunisair’s Cabin Crew, natural persons, holders of Share Savings Accounts (CEA) fulfilling the conditions of eligibility to the CEA tax relief and accepting a high level of risk.
Investment policy

In order to ensure its eligibility to the tax advantage, the distribution of FCP BIAT – CEA PNT Tunisair is made according to the allocation conditions provided for by the regulations relating to CEAs:
  • At least 80% of the assets invested in equity securities of companies listed on the Tunis Stock Exchange.
  • The remainder is invested in fungible Treasury bonds.
  • The unused amount shall not exceed 2% of the assets.
Tax Treatment

  • Individuals holding FCP BIAT – CEA PNT Tunisair shares benefit from a tax exemption on capital gains.
  • The return of the FCP BIAT – CEA PNT Tunisair is net of taxes and is neither subject to withholding tax nor to any additional taxation.
Return Rate
In 2022, its net tax yield for individuals was +6,23%.
Total liquidity
Subject to the tax provisions relating to Share Savings Accounts (CEA), any unitholder can proceed, at any time, to the redemption of his FCP BIAT – CEA PNT Tunisair units.
Guarantee for loans
The shares of the FCP BIAT – CEA PNT Tunisair can be pledged as a guarantee for a credit.
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