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Tval Trade

The TVAL TRADE platform
The Tval Trade platform is accessible from your computer. It allows you to freely access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The tval trade platform is accessible from the website or directly on Connect to your account from your computer and enjoy a secure, dynamic, customizable, and efficient platform.
A secure platform

elect the list of stocks you have in your portfolio or that you follow with interest.

A dynamic platform

Access a range of regularly updated financial information.

A customizable platform

Carry out your stock market transactions in complete security.

An efficient platform

Manage your portfolio with complete reliability thanks to the tools and functions available.

TVAL TRADE features
To enable optimal management of your portfolio, TVAL TRADE provides you with stock market information and graphic analysis tools :
Stock market orders
TVAL TRADE allows you to place several types of stock market orders : limit order, opening price order or market order.
The limit order

The limit order has a price (minimum for sale and maximum for purchase). This type of order allows to control the execution price.

The opening price order

Unlike the limit order, this type of order has no price limit and its execution has priority over the limit orders.

The All Price Order (ATP)

The All Price Order (ATP) does not have a price limit.
It is executed at the maximum quantity immediately available.

Customizable interface
The TVAL TRADE trading platform is customizable to provide you with maximum comfort and Configure your trading space according to your needs.
Create your stock lists
Display the charts
Follow the evolution of your portfolio
Get detailed reports on your operations as well as a summary of your portfolio in real time.
Graphical analysis tools
TVAL TRADE offers a wide range of charting tools that allow you to track, analyze and compare historical prices
  • Bar chart
  • Bar chart
  • Japanese candlestick chart
  • Curve chart
  • Comparative chart
Built-in chart functions The charting system allows for quick adaptation of price data to the selected chart type.
Users can :
  • Zoom in or out using the Zoom function
  • Analyze patterns and trends
Technical Analysis Tools
Access advanced technical indicators and screening systems to help you make decisions.
Create your own online trading strategy
TVAL TRADE integrates numerous technical analysis tools to identify stocks according to your own criteria Identify trends and anticipate trend reversals
- Technical indicators
There are 8 technical indicators available on TVAL TRADE:
Bollinger Bands, Momentum, Moving Averages (simple & exponential) Relative Strength Index (RSI), Money Flow Index (MFI), William R, Rate Of Change (ROC) Stochastic