Discretionary management account

What is a Discretionary Management Account?

This account is a private management account. You can deposit funds in your account at any point in time but you will need to wait at least one year, starting from the opening date to withdraw cash. Your investments will be invested in our fixed income mutual fund until an investment opportunity in listed stocks, selected in advance, is available.
Discretionary accounts are mainly invested in listed stocks thus having a direct exposure to risk.

Discretionary management account

This account is a private management account

Customized Management

TUNISIE VALEURS is mandated to manage discretionary accounts with no obligation of return. It will be providing the rightmeans to make your savings thrive.
Our experience and expertise will help you selecting stocks with positive prospects. It is a customized type of management that takes into account your investment horizon.

Tax Advantage

Dividends are exempt for corporations and subject to a final withholding tax of 10% for individuals.
For capital gains, non resident investors do not pay taxes under certain condition.