FCP BIAT Epargne Actions


Optimized taxation, plus performance
in 2020
Million Tunisian Dinars
Assets under management

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FCP BIAT - Epargne Actions is a mixed distribution mutual fund, intended for investors accepting a high level of risk and particularly dedicated to natural persons holding Equity Savings Accounts (ESA).

Investment policy

In order to ensure eligibility for the tax benefit, the asset allocation of the FCP BIAT - Epargne Actions meets the allocation conditions provided for by the regulations relating to the CEA:

  • At least 80% of the assets are invested in equity securities of listed companies
  • The remaining assets are invested in fungibleTreasury bonds
  • The unused amount shall not exceed 2% of the assets.


In 2020, its net tax yield for individuals was -5.64%.


The taxation applicable to the FCP BIAT - Epargne Actions allows for the exemption of capital gains tax on the sale of units for individuals, without withholding tax or additional taxation.

Guarantee for loans

The shares of FCP BIAT - Epargne Actions can be pledged as a guarantee for a loan.

Total liquidity

Withdrawals are made on demand, without notice and free of charge, at the daily net asset value displayed at all times in our branches.