FCP Valeurs Institutionnel


Is a mutual fund of distribution type, belonging to the category of mixed funds (stocks + bonds).
Net Asset
Value in TND
in 2020
Million Tunisian Dinars
Assets under management


Belonging to the mixed fund category (stocks + bonds)

Investment Orientation

The "FCP VALEURS INSTITUTIONNEL" is intended for investors accepting a high risk and dedicated mainly to institutional investors (within the meaning of article 39 of the General Regulations of the Stock Exchange).
The minimum recommended investment period is 7 years.
The initial structure of the fund was composed of :

  • Minimum 60% of assets in listed equities
  • Maximum 15% of assets in BTA/BTZ/bonds issued by public offering
  • Maximum 5% of the assets in UCITS securities
  • 20% of assets in cash and cash equivalents

Conditions of Subscriptions and Redemptions

The subscription operations started on December 14, 2015.
The subscription price is equal to the original value net of any commission.
The redemption price is equal to the net asset value less an exit fee of :

  • 5% if the holding period is less than 3 years
  • 2% if the holding period is greater than or equal to 3 years

Dividend distribution

In 2020, FCP VALEURS INSTITUTIONNEL distributed a dividend of 202,368 Dt per share (for the financial year 2019).


In 2020, le "FCP VALEURS INSTITUTIONNEL" achieved a return of -4.05%.