FCP Valeurs Mixtes


Increase the value of your capital over the long term
Net Asset
Value in TND
in 2020
Million Tunisian Dinars
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FCP VALEURS MIXTES intended for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation, by investing mainly in debt securities issued by the State.

Investment Policy

The structure of the capital of the FCP VALEURS MIXTES cannot exceed a maximum of 30% invested in shares. 75% to 80% in shares listed on the Tunis Stock Exchange


In 2020, its net tax yield for individuals was +5.44%.


The return of the FCP VALEURS MIXTES is net of tax for individuals and is subject neither to withholding tax nor to additional taxation.

Guarantee for loans

The units of FCP VALEURS MIXTES may be pledged as collateral for a loan.

Total liquidity

Withdrawals are made on demand, without notice and free of charge, at the daily net asset value displayed at all times in our branches.