Sicav Entreprise


The distribution Sicav, each year a dividend
Net Asset
Value in TND
in 2020
per share
Million Tunisian Dinars
of assets under management

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Intended essentially for prudent investors wishing to grow their stable cash surpluses, SICAV ENTREPRISE is an investment that favors the security of the invested capital while offering an attractive return in the form of dividends and, possibly, capital gains at the time of resale.

Investment Policy

Being totally insulated from the vagaries of the equity market, its risk scale is low.

Dividend distribution

SICAV ENTREPRISE will distribute a dividend per share each year. This dividend is tax-exempt for resident legal entities and subject to a 10% withholding tax for individuals. On the day of the distribution to shareholders, this amount will be deducted from the net asset value. In 2020, SICAV ENTREPRISE distributed a dividend of 4.191DT per share (for the financial year 2019).


In 2020, its return was +4.29%.

Guarantee for loans

The shares of SICAV ENTREPRISE can be pledged as a guarantee for a credit.

Total liquidity

Withdrawals are made on demand, without notice and free of charge, at the daily net asset value displayed at all times in our branches.