Sicav Patrimoine Obligataire


If you are looking for a capitalized gain without sacrificing security
in 2020
Millions Tunisian Dinars
Assets under management

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SICAV Patrimoine Obligataire is indeed an investment that favors the security of the invested capital while offering an attractive profitability through the expected capital gains at the time of resale.

Investment Policy

SICAV Patrimoine Obligataire is a bond capitalization SICAV. Its managed assets are permanently composed of a preponderant part of bonds and Treasury bills (BTA - fungible Treasury bonds - and BTCT - short-term Treasury bonds).


En 2020, son rendement net d'impôt pour les personnes physiques s'est élevé à +5.32%.


    SICAV Patrimoine Obligataire offers an advantageous tax system for its individual shareholders. They benefit from a tax exemption on capital gains from the sale of shares.

Guarantee for loans

The shares of SICAV Patrimoine Obligataire may be pledged as collateral for a loan.

Total liquidity

Withdrawals are made on demand, without notice and free of charge, at the daily net asset value displayed at all times in our branches.