Tax advantage securities account

What is a Tax Advantage Securities Account ?

In the tax advantage securities account, your investment will be managed for a period of at least five years, with a minimum of 80% exposure in listed stocks and 20% in Government bonds.
In return, the account will profit from a special tax treatment.

Tax advantage securities account

The account will profit from a special tax treatment.

How does it work?

This type of account is exclusively for individual investors.
Cash deposits will be immediately invested in listed stocks and your portfolio manager is allowed to sell your holdings at any point in time on condition that he invest the proceeds in other listed securities within 30 days.
The choice of stocks is made by Tunisie Valeurs.

Tax Advantage

  • In addition, 100% of the amount invested in the Tax Advantage Securities Account "CEA" (up to 100,000Tnd) is deductible from the client's taxable income.
  • Dividends are subject to a final withholding tax of 10% for individuals.
  • For capital gains, non resident investors do not pay taxes under certain condition.