Tunisie Sicav

The fund is suitable for risk averse clients

Net Asset
Value in TND
A return
rate in 2020
Set up in 1991
Millions TND
of Assets under Management

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TUNISIE SICAV is indeed an investment privileging the security of the invested capital while offering an attractive profitability through the expected capital gains at the time of the resale.

Investment Policy

TUNISIE SICAV is a real investment of good father of family, its assets are permanently composed of bonds, treasury bills and monetary investments. Being totally away from the hazards of the stock market, its risk scale is low.


In 2020, its net tax yield for individuals was +5.44%.


The return of TUNISIE SICAV is net of taxes for the natural persons contrary to the savings books which undergo a deduction at source as well as an additional taxation at the end of the year.

Guarantee for loans

The shares of TUNISIE SICAV can be pledged as a guarantee for a loan.

Total liquidity

Withdrawals are made on demand, without notice and free of charge, at the daily net asset value displayed at all times in our branches.