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Founded in 1991, Tunisie Valeurs is a financial services company with no affiliation to any banking group. Since 2020, the company belongs to BIAT Group.

Tunisie Valeurs has been adapting its services to an ever changing environment in Tunisia. It has therefore enlarged its products and services as follows: Asset Management, Securities Brokerage, Investment Banking and Primary Dealer Services on the Tunisian fungible government bonds.

Tunisie Valeurs is a retail broker with no dependence on specific number of institutional clients. It has currently 14 000 client accounts and it has always managed to be close to its clients local and foreigners alike. The company puts a special emphasis on proximity and good quality of services thanks to a large network of branches with 10 branches spread all over the country and 70 professionals in the front office. Tunisie Valeurs is thus one of the main financial players in Tunisia. 2018, Tunisie Valeurs was listed on Tunis Stock Exchange


1st Asset Manager
680 Million dinars
1st Stock Broker
+1 Billion dinars
+17Million dinars
-11% compared to 2018


Asset Management

Tunisie Valeurs offers its customers - individuals, companies and institutions - a range of products with different risk profiles.

Brokerage and Primary Dealing

Tunisie Valeurs offers a wide range of services including securities brokerage and access to auctions on government bonds.
The brokerage activity is provided by a team of advisors and through our electronic plateform.
Tunisie Valeurs created an electronic trading platform TVAL TRADE that provides efficiency and high security.

Corporate Finance and Advisory services

Our advisory services include: valuation, financial restructuring and Broad capital market expertise.
Tunisie Valeurs was granted the "Listing Sponsor" license in 2007, that allows the company to expand its services to the alternative market

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Advisory services

Tunisie Valeurs has carried out equity transactions for its corporate clients: identifying financing needs, raising shareholders’ equity, looking for financial partners for specific transactions….
Tunisie Valeurs has also carried out legal restructuring deals for Tunisian private groups.

Our Track record

Since 1991