Non Resident account

Non resident account

From our early days, we have provided day-to-day brokerage services on the Tunisian Financial Market including: company research, investment recommendations and trade execution.
Our multilingual Research Department produces in-depth analysis on Tunisian companies, an annual Revue, reports on Annual Meetings, as well as a weekly report and stock guide both in English and French.

How to open an account?

If you are interested to open a trading account with Tunisie Valeurs or simply know more about procedures, please contact our International Sales Department Issam Ayari or Hedi Chemek.

Please click [here] for our standard account opening form.
To open an account with us, Foreign Institutional Investors need to fax or email us the completed form and provide us with the documents required in terms of Tunisian “Know Your Customer” regulations:

Copy of the certificate of incorporation.

Copy of the articles of association.

Copy of the last annual report.

Copy of the latest audited financials.

The list of shareholders.

Declaration on the institution's letter head of the name of the person(s) authorized to sign on behalf of the company together with a specimen of signature.

Copy of Passport or ID of CEO or any other high ranking official in the company.