The fund is suitable for risk averse clients.

Set up in 1992, TUNISIE SICAV is historically the first mutual fund in Tunisia. As of 31/12/2019 the fund has more than 10 800 shareholders and more than 510 Million Tunisian Dinars (183 Million US Dollars) of assets under management.
The fund invests exclusively in fixed income products; it has a low risk profile and offers immediate liquidity.
Net Asset
Value in TND
A return
rate in 2020
10 600
Set up in 1992
Million Tunisian Dinars
of assets under management

The first mutual fund in Tunisia

low risk profile and offers immediate liquidity

Risk Profile

TUNISIE SICAV invests exclusively in fixed income instruments, primarily government bonds, treasury notes and other monetary placements. It is thus a low risk fund and has a better return rate than any bank saving account.


Redemption of shares can be done immediately during office hours with no exit fees or any other charges and no prior notice. The fund's NAV is published on a daily basis and all our branches accept subscriptions and redemptions.


In 2020, the fund has realized a return rate of 5.44%.